Kamo Homeland Exchange Hall

Address 2241 Kami-gyutoku, Kamo-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima-ken
Phone 0995-52-0115
URL kamo-go.net/furusatokoryukan
Store hours 9:00-17:00
No scheduled holidays.

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Opened as a center of local exchange after a minimum refurbishment of former Kamo Kindergarten in 2011. The whole building is a free admission and has Exchange Room, Exhibition Room, Materials Room and Hallway Gallery.Exchange Room, where concerts and a variety of classes happen, is open to all visitors while it's also available for rent to a group. (Paid) An illustrated book corner, there are spaces where you can read donated unused illustrated books for free and exhibition corner of international exchange happening in Kamo.Exhibition Room has a permanent exhibition of works by Ippo Itabashi (1911-1993; autonym Masayoshi) selected from the Hall's collection. He was a sculptor born in Kamigyutoku, Kamo-cho, Aira-shi, and based in Inami (former Inami-cho), Nanto-shi, Toyama.Hallway Gallery exhibits paintings and pictures. Available for private exhibitions as well.Local Materials Room shows assort of agricultural equipments that have used in the area.


It means general events that Homeland Exchange Hall works as a window of.Kamokore means general events to rediscover and enjoy "Kamo-kyo," Kamo-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima-ken. "Kamokore" is a short for Kamo Wakuwaku (Exciting) Collection. The event has been held since October 2009, when the first Kamokore is held and met with an enthusiastic reception.New events come up every year to attract people's attention.