Kakehashi Slope

Address 1006 Kita, Kamo-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima-ken

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Used to be a dangerous bridge with a narrow width made of wood panels. Some say this bridge (Kakehashi) could be the origin of the place called Kakehashi. Was a local street connecting Imuta and Kedoin area with Kamo used to pass lots of annual rice tax to Naya-machi and Kogarass warehouses. A stone pavement has completed by 1796 with stone steps and hewn stones made of stones from local mountains. It became less important as horses became the main transport means and steep slope tend to be avoided. The educational committee of the city have taken field surveys and studied on documents to evaluate its cultural value._x005F_x000D_Expected to be known in the near future as it will appear on NHK's historical show "Saigo-don."


50 minutes