Slope of Tatsumon-ji Temple

Address 5088-1 Kida, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima-ken

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An ancient path in former Kajiki-cho. It's a stoned slope and was a part of former Oguchi street. Reportedly took 100 years to complete after the construction started in 1635. Stones are said to be cut off from Mt Hinosako nearby. A small shrine of Hisakado Shimazu, the 4th head of Kajiki Shimazu family who became the 24th head of Shimazu family later on, remains in the quarry.Now only a part of 464 meters remains with its original look, though there used be 1,500 meters. Contributed to Satsuma Domain's finance and culture as a main road to carry resources on. Army of Satsuma used this to head them to Kumamoto when War of Seinan occurred in 1877. Designated as one of "100 Roads of History" by Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1996.Some of NHK's historical dramas, including "Saigo-don" which will air in 2018, are partly shot here.

Cultural Properties

National Historical Site1996 100 Roads of History


486.8m(486.8m remains out of 1,500m total length.)