Kuwashiho Shrine

Address 311 Hikiyama, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima-ken
Phone 0995-62-5716

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Kuwashihoko Shrine worships Shigehiro Shimazu, the 17th head of the family. "Kuwashihoko" is named after his Shinto name "Kuwashihoko-itsutakeo-no-mikoto". It has moved from former holiday area of Shimazu and current Gokoku Shrine to the current new shrine. A washbasin and a millstone, a municipal tangible cultural property which Hozan Buddhist priest brought back from Korea during Buroku War, remain here. There is a stone monument to commemorate that Shogaku Buddhist priest read 13,000 sets of the Lotus Sutra concerning Yoshihiro Shimazu's continued luck in the fortunes of war and perpetuation of his descendants as well. "Saigo-don," a NHK's historical drama which will air in 2018, was partly shot here.